Wall mounted kitchen sink faucets

Want to free up some space on the sink?
Then, wall mounted kitchen sink faucets is the answer


They are relatively easy to clean.
Installing a wall mounted kitchen faucets means more height above the sink area.
This results in more space on the counter top.
The spout on these faucets swivels around enough to cover all areas of the sink.
Usually traditional in style, but modern designs are also available.
Washing of utensils are little tricky with deck mounted faucets, as the space under the spout is limited.
Wall mounted kitchen sink faucets are relatively cheap but the concealed installation portion of the whole system adds to the cost.
Since they are directly connected to the wall there is no necessity of cleaning grime and rubbish that tend to collect at the base of Deck mounted faucets.
The attractive design accounts for their popularity.
Eyekeeper Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucet
The essential features of a wall mounted faucets are:
• Save horizontal space and provide large sink area in the vertical dimension.
• Easy to clean
• Can be mounted at any height
• Have a long spout reach.



Replacing a deck mounted faucet is generally easy.
However, a wall mounted faucet is best handled by a professional, as the water extension lines are usually installed inside the wall.
Installation of the wall mounted faucet per se is relatively easy, but the plumbing involved in providing the water outlet is cumbersome.
This is because the connecting pipes are embedded in the wall.

Wall mounted kitchen sink faucets are classified based on the intended purpose of use

Pot fillers

Pot Filler
These faucets are basically mounted on the wall, just above a stove or cook-top.
They’re used to fill large cooking pots, and are usually the fold-able type which can be folded away from the stove.
They only need a cold water connection.

Bridge faucets Rohl Country Kitchen Wall Mounted Bridge Faucet

These faucets are basically mounted on the wall, with the cold and hot water on either side of the bridge connection to the spout.
The spout is at the center of the bridge.

My Best wall mounted kitchen sink faucets

If you are looking for top of the shelf wall mounted kitchen faucet then your best bet is the…

Delta 1177LF-SS Pot Filler Faucet – Wall Mount, kitchen faucet

Delta Pot Filler Faucet
This is extensively well made product. You can feel it the moment you remove it out of the box. It is not a cheap off brand faucet.
This is a two lever wall mounted faucet that provides a level of safety against accidental turning on of the faucet.
This requires only a cold water connection.
Some of the essential features of this wall mounted faucet are:

  • Pots can be filled even when they are on your stove or cook-top
  • It can be turned on/off by just turning the handle for 90 that is a quarter turn.
  • The dual swing spout allows for a 24 inch reach.
  • The water flow rate of 4 gpm makes it awesome for filling pots.
  • The basic material of the faucet is Brass.


This Delta wall mounted kitchen faucet comes in five finishes

  • Chrome finish
  • Arctic Stainless finish
  • Champagne Bronze finish
  • Nickel finish
  • Stainless finish
  • Venetian Bronze finish


This is a one-hole installation faucet
An important point to note that the faucet installation hole is at least 50 inches above the ground to avoid back splash of water.

Technical specifications

Check out the Technical specifications

My Second-Best wall mounted kitchen sink faucets

Peerless P299305LF Choice Two Handle Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucet


Peerless Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucet
Traditional, contemporary or transitional… no matter what your preference, you’ll find Peerless just the style you’re looking for here
This is also a wall mounted kitchen faucet
This faucet has high arc goose-neck which swivels to the left and right.
This faucet has two ergonomic blade handles one for cold water and the other for hot water.
The rate of water flow is 1.8 gpm, 6.8 L/min, which is well below the water conservation limit of 2.5 gpm
It is easy to install. Only make sure the washers provided are placed in the nuts properly.
The material used for this faucet is Brass and it complies with low lead legislation of California and Vermont


The installation of this wall mounted sink faucet per se, is is easy.
However the plumbing involved in providing the water outlet is cumbersome.
This is because the connecting pipes are embedded in the wall
When correctly installed it is ADA compliant.

Technical Specification

Check out the Technical specifications


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