Pull down vs Pull out kitchen faucet

If you are wondering whether to go in for a kitchen faucet with a Pull-Out sprayer or the one with a Pull-down sprayer then you need to know the difference and advantages/disadvantages of both.
So I thought of having a blog page to provide a comparative information on Pull down vs Pull out kitchen faucet that would help in deciding on type of faucet you need.
Both the pull-down and pull-out types of sprayers are connected to the spray hose and are docked (seated) on to the spout when not in use.
A pull down faucets usually have a spout that is tall with a high arc. The spray hose of a pull-down faucet is generally shorter than that provided with pull-out faucet. The reason for this is that the pull down hose needs to be pulled only small amount till you reach the base of the sink
Delta 9178 Pull Down Kitchen Faucet
Whereas faucets with pull-out spray usually have shorter spouts. This hose is longer than that provided with pull down faucet. It can be moved in various directions. People do not like to put pots and pans into the sink for filling so this comes in handy and you could fill pots and pans kept on the counter-top.
Lordear Pull Out Kitchen Faucet
If this is the case, a pull out faucet will possibility suit you better because of its tractability. Continuing on this line of thought, pull out faucets are generally preferred if you have a double sink.

Pull Down Faucets

Pull Down Kitchen Faucets With Sprayer


  • The number of models of pull down faucet with varying spray options that are available are definitely much more than than that available for pull out faucet. So you are spoiled for choice when you consider the aspects of using the faucet for rinsing or washing and filling.
  • Docking, that is detaching and attaching the spray head onto the spout is easier Since you are not maneuvering the hose in different directions, kinks in the hose is are not formed
  • It is a perfect choice for if your kitchen sink is deep.


  • There should be enough space above the sink, since the pull down faucets come with high arc spout.
  • Some models can lose water pressure due to the above.

Pull-Out Faucets

Pull Out Kitchen Faucets With Sprayer


  • These have a longer hose with the spray head so it is convenient to fill large pots and pans away from the sink.
  • If the space above the faucet is limited by a cabinet or some protrusion then it is recommended to go in for a pull out type faucet because the spouts used with these are generally shorter.
  • There is back-splash is less with a pull out faucet.


  • This type would not be suitable if there is a requirement of filling tall pitchers regularly.
  • Since the hose is longer and is moved in different directions it is likely that kinks are formed in the hose.

I have given some insight on the pros and cons of both Pull-Down and Pull-Out faucets. I hope this helps in selecting a faucet of you choice.

2 thoughts on “Pull down vs Pull out kitchen faucet

  1. You got me..

    Your article on pull-out faucets is very helpful.

    I am looking particularly at the pull-out faucet which seems better suited for two sinks. According to you the line is longer which I guess would help in rinsing the dishes more easily.

    Do they come in white or is it just stainless steel?

    Something to chew on here… Many thanks for the information.

    1. Hi Robert,

      The Pull-out hose as such is a braided non metallic one which generally matches the color and Finish of the Kitchen faucet.

      Greatly appreciate your comments.


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