Pfister Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

“Simple yet elegant and sleek in design”

Pfister GT529-ELS Lita Single lever kitchen with Pull-Down spray and Touch-Free Technology

Pfister Single Handle Kitchen Faucet offers a new level of simplicity and convenience in your kitchen.
React touch-free sensor technology follows your commands with the wave of a hand.
you can speed through preparation of food, washing dishes and cleaning-up with this faucet that is reliable and has a touch-free functionality that prevents germs from getting on to the faucets and spreading. Your fingers also do not touch the faucet so water spots prints of the finger are certainly avoided.
Water FlowWave Off-Wave-OnSimply guide your hand or an object within 4″ in front of the sensor to turn the water on or off.
When things get hectic in the kitchen, SmartStop feature automatically shuts of the faucet after 2 minutes of idleness, to conserve water.
Hibernate Mode
The water flow can be disabled whenever required, for example when cleaning the faucet use the Hibernate Mode.
To disable, place your hand in front of the sensor for 5 seconds. Repeat to enable the sensor for touch-free convenience.
Temp Adjust
This feature allows you to set the water temperature to your liking in sensor mode. You can Set it once permanently or you can change the settings as often as you want.
The rate of water flow is 1.8 gallons per minute which is well within the water conservation limits of 2.5 gpm.

Single Handle operation

The volume of water flow and temperature of the water are controlled by a single lever.
You can use the handle as usual to turn the faucet on or off, or to adjust the water flow and temperature at any time. The handle will always override the sensor mode.

Spray head

Spray Head
The spray head can be pulled down and the long hose allows you to reach all areas of the sink.
With a simple push of a button on the spray head you can alternate between soft stream and spray .
Extra long hose
The pull down spray head has a hose that is retractable and since it is sufficiently long you have high degree of convenience and functionality for cleaning, rinsing, and spraying to any part of your sink.

Additional Features

Additional Features
Accudock – This features allows for docking of the spray head securely to faucet spout each time.
EZ Clean – The nozzles of the spray head can be quickly cleaned to remove caulking of hard water.
PForever Seal – This Advanced technology incorporates a ceramic disc valve ensures a guarantee of never-leak faucet.
Pforever Warranty – The finish and functionality aspects of the faucet are warranted for life by Pfister.


The Pfister single handle Kitchen Faucet is made of brass and comes in two finishes

Pfister Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Pfister Polished Chrome

Polished Chrome







If you are interested to know more about faucet finishes then Read more on finishes…..


The faucet can installed without the Deck Plate. The deckplate is included as part of the package.
Installs on counter-tops with either 1, 2, 3, or 4 holes
Installation is simple as all hardware needed for mounting is included with Pfister Kitchen Faucet Standard Features
Simplified Flex Lines Flexible, 3/8″ supply lines included.
Pfast Connect Easy push-in and lock connectors.
Tite Seal Eliminates need for putty or silicone


A 120V AC outlet is required under the sink for this faucet, or else you will need to buy the battery pack sold separately.

Technical Specification

Check out the Technical specifications


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    1. I found it to be very informative, easy to read and understand, I like the sensor feature as I am always worrying about cross contamination when I prepare my meals. Another feature I like is the auto shutoff and the low flow rate which will help lower my utility bill.

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        You were right in pointing out how technological feature have been used to advantage.

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