Peerless Kitchen Faucets

“Great looks and efficient performance without being expensive”

Some people are not fussy about extra fancy features in the faucet. Some of which may not be really needed.
They prefer the two handle faucet over the single handle faucet. Because of the advantage of being able to use the faucet, even if one of the handles becomes faulty.
The possibility of getting accidental scalded with hot water is greatly reduced as both handles, hot and cold are well marked out.
One handle models are definitely more popular these days, but some customers the idea of having a lever for cold and another for hot the other is appealing, so going in for the Peerless kitchen faucets is a great idea.

So I am reviewing the Peerless Choice P299578LF-SS Two Handles, Kitchen Faucet.

Peerless Two handle kitchen faucet


Peerless kitchen faucets have clean, modern lines with the spout sitting between two handles.
One handle for cold water and another for hot water.
The ergonomically designed handles are attractive.
The advantage of having two handles is that even if one of the handles becomes faulty we can still use the faucet with the other handle temporarily.


This faucet has a high arc spout that rotates freely in either direction so that all areas of the sink are reachable.
It much easier to fill large pots and pans as the height from Deck to Aerator is 8 inches.

Other features

Peerless kitchen faucet with side sprayer
The side spray that comes with the unit makes this faucet a 4-hole installation faucet.
The faucet is made of metal but it is not heavy or give a plentiful feeling.
Though it is inexpensive it does not give a cheap or flimsy feeling.

Water efficient

This budget faucet has water flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute which is well within the green conservation limit of 2.5 gallons per minute.


This Peerless Kitchen faucet comes in two finishes

  • Chrome finish
  • Stainless Steel finish


Kitchen faucets finishes ……Want to know More…


Peerless 4-hole installation
The spout height being 12.5 inches sufficient space must be catered for above the sink.
That means cabinets or any other objects have to be well above this.
This faucet is very simple to install without the help of a plumber. However if you are concerned about ADA compliance the getting a plumber to install it is recommended.


Even though this is a budget faucet it still comes with a ‘Faucet and Finish Lifetime Limited Warranty’.

Technical Specifications

Check out the Technical specifications


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2 thoughts on “Peerless Kitchen Faucets

  1. We’re currently still in the planning stages of a kitchen renovation to modernise the old kitchen in a place we recently bought, so we’re searching around for some ideas in items to use in the remodelling.

    We definitely want some nice looking, modern faucets in the kitchen to match nicely with the twin sinks we’ve picked out. These taps by Peerless might do the job very nicely. The side spray is a handy idea that we hadn’t thought of.

    Your review has definitely given us some food for thought. Cheers.

    1. Hi Darren,

      Mighty Glad that my review has been more than helpful in your planned kitchen renovation.

      Thanks for your comments

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