Moen Kitchen Faucets Repair

The plumber is not answering the phone or he is on vacation. He is generally not available when needed. So I thought of sharing some do-it-yourself handy videos. There are three videos of Moen faucet repair
Video 1 – The water flow from the spray head is not uniform. The pressure of the water flow is not regulated and it has dropped considerably. This means the faucet spray head has to thoroughly cleaned. To accomplish this the spray head has to be dis-assembled. This video shows the salient features to observe while dis-assembling the Moen faucet to clean and service it.

Video 2 – There may not be any visible leakage at the counter-top or at the sink level but, the cabinet below the sink is wet. This is because the water is actually seeping down to the cabinet below the sink. The hose could have got damaged or worn out and the kitchen faucet is leaking. This video helps you in identifying the leak and helps in getting the hose replaced, that too free of cost. Moen’s life time warranty actually provides free hose replacement.

Video 3 – Moen faucets installation instructions are user friendly. This amazing video starts off listing the tools required for installation. The aspect of whether a deck plate is required and how to install it is covered. The Precise unambiguous step by step instructions make the installation of this faucet one of the easiest installation


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