kraus faucet Repair

We usually find the plumber is not answering the phone or is too busy when we need him urgently.
We might want to do the job ourselves, So I thought of sharing some do-it-yourself handy videos.
There are two videos of Kraus faucet repair.
The third video is about installation of Kraus Kitchen faucet.

Video 1 – The mixing of hot and cold water may not be as easily and perfectly done as when the faucet was initially installed.
This is because the cartridge of the faucet has worn out by frequent use. It needs to be replaced.
This video explains how the cartridge can be removed and replaced easily.

Video 2 – The flow of water in the Kraus kitchen faucet takes place from either the spout or the spray head.
The faucet has a Diverter, which diverts the water the water from the pot filling spout to the spray head when the lever on the spray head is depressed.
When the spray head is in operation the water supply to the main spout is cut off completely,  but over a period of time the water to the spout is not completely cut off and we can see it is dripping while the spray head is being used.
This necessitates a diverter change.
The short video shown below explains how to  we can change the diverter of the Kraus faucet easily.

Video 3 – Installation of Kraus kitchen faucet with sparayer


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