Kohler Kitchen Faucet Repair

We always cannot call the plumber or he is not available when needed.

So I thought of sharing some do-it-yourself handy videos.

There are three videos of Kohler faucet repair one Video for Installation of a Kohler Bellara Pul Down Faucet

Video 1 – The docking, that is detaching and attaching of the spray head may not be smooth or may not be docking correctly. This video explains the spray-head and weight adjustments to be done to rectify the problem

Video 2 – We have a Kitchen faucet with a single lever to control the hot and cold water. This may not be functioning as it was when installed. The valve could have worn out over the years. This video shows how to replace the valve easily.

Video 3 – The hose could have got damaged or worn out and the kitchen faucet is leaking. There may not be any visible leakage at the counter-top or at the sink level. The water is actually seeping down to the cabinet below the sink. The hose needs to be replaced immediately This video helps you in getting the job done.

Video 4 This video shows you how to install a Kohler Bellera Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet in a correct and professional manner.


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