Kitchen Faucet Problems

When I decided to do this post, I didn’t want it to be another review of a kitchen faucet. So I thought of what are the familiar problems we face in our daily lives with a kitchen faucet.
Then I decided to dedicate this post discussing them and provide a solution the problems.
Generally we attribute the problem either to manufacturing defect or that the Kitchen faucet has not been properly installed or that the faucet has become very old and cannot function properly anymore and needs replacement.
Sometimes this could be true but don’t jump to conclusion, check out certain problems and remedial measure suggested below to know whether your problem can be sorted out or not.


We shall start with the faucet’s installation.
Many of us would like to do the DIY act instead of calling the professional plumber.
That’s good but then we should professionally handle the installation and not just go about it in a casual manner.
Organize yourself with the required tools and waste material for cleaning etc.
There would surely be some installation instructions. Otherwise you could check out the manufacturer’s web site for the same. There might be some videos on the internet/YouTube.
Do not rush it, take time to understand the steps and then go ahead. If in doubt clarify and then proceed.
One important aspect of installation is that the requisite washers should be put in the right place, you should not be left with extras in your hand at the end.
The one piece of advice I can offer you is to take your time.
Installation Picture


Drips or leaks

A leaking or dripping faucet should be attended to immediately. Water wastage is not good for anyone.
Here again try to rectify the problem before going in for a new one just because of this problem alone.
The faucet may leak from the base of the spout. The faucet continues to drip even after shutting down the flow of water using the handle of the faucet. This drip-drip sound could be irksome and annoying.
The solution to this is generally worn out washers or ‘O’ rings or some other small part.
Most kitchen faucets come with a repair kit accessories or they could be bought locally from the dealer.
Check out the manufacturer’s instructions or on internet to accomplish the rectification.


Leak at spout bottom O rings




Slow water flow

The water pressure is not like before. It has gradually and certainly dropped drastically. This is a cause for concern to everybody using the faucet.
There may some mineral deposits or lime caulking due to hard water usage.
Follow the instructions to take the faucet apart and clean it thoroughly before reassembly. This maintenance may be required on a regular basis if the water that is flowing is hard water.

Corrosion due to rust

Corrosion due to rusting seen on the outside, be sure that rusting has taken place inside the Kitchen faucet.
This means that the water coming out of the faucet is slightly contaminated if not more.
In such situations the finish of the faucet is generally affected to a great extent. The operation of the handle(s) and functioning of the spray head is getting worse.
It’s probably time for replacement.
In the above case as also in all the situations above where rectification is not satisfactory, get the opinion of a professional plumber before going for a new one. However this choice is yours to make.


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2 thoughts on “Kitchen Faucet Problems

  1. Ha ha! DIY act instead of calling the professional plumber …but i love DIYs lol. This article is very much interesting. Some people would call the plumber while some, like my brother would fix it himself, all depends on the individual. I hate leaks. Either way, i just want it to be fixed.

    1. Hi Shaneek,

      I agree a leak should be fixed. Water is a depleting resource for mankind and should not be wasted.

      Thanks for the comments.

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