Delta Kitchen Faucets Repair

The plumber is not available when needed. That’s when we need some Do-it-yourself handy videos. So I thought of sharing three videos on Delta faucets repair made by Home Maintenance Solution, Inc.
It is actually a 3 part video. The 4th Video is on how to install a new Delta faucet.
Video 1 – Is a simple and easy method of how to dismantle a Delta Kitchen faucet.

Video 2 – This is a continuation of the first video, wherein the delta kitchen faucet has been dismantled. This video explains the Replacement of worn out parts of the Delta faucet. Please Note that this video has to be seen after viewing the video 1 above.

Video 3 – The Delta faucet has been dismantled and the worn out parts have been replaced. This video deals with rebuilding or putting back the faucet in the correct manner. This video has to be seen after viewing Videos 1 and 2 above.

Video 4 Installing a New Delta Kitchen faucet with Pull-down Sprayer

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