Commercial kitchen sink faucets

Are commercial kitchen sink faucets meant for use in big restaurants only?

Originally developed for industrial applications, the bold and beautiful commercial kitchen sink faucets had excellent water delivery system.
These faucets were handy in filling huge containers, clean oven trays etcetera with ease, in the ever busy commercial kitchens
Users of these faucets can vouch for the fact that they are effective in blasting away stains and germs.

commercial kitchen faucet vapsint

They have a light touch and so you can handle small and big tasks.
Yes, they are built by design to be bigger as they are commercial kitchen faucets.
In fact, these models are more durable than other kitchen faucets.
Often commercial faucets comes with excellent guarantee that you would not typically find on other faucets of this kind.
Solid, chunky aesthetic looks and sheer reliability makes the commercial kitchen faucet find its place in homes especially at the central island of the kitchen.
More and more people are approving its use in homes greatly!
So guys, Commercial faucets in residential homes are here to stay. commercial kitchen faucet geyserHowever, it is important that you check the dimensions to ensure that it matches with the sink and that it will not over dominate the kitchen itself and look entirely out of place.
The shiny chrome Commercial faucets may or may not suit your kitchen style, so before deciding on a commercial kitchen faucet ensure that it suits the your kitchen Style.
I have, after extensive research and personal experience in this field, reviewed a few of the best commercial kitchen faucets.
The details are given below:-

My best choice of commercial kitchen faucet

Moen commercial faucet

Moen 8277 Commercial Faucet

The Moen Commercial M-DURA 4-Inch is a Centerset Utility Faucet that adds class and functionality to your bar or kitchen sink.
This Moen commercial faucet built to withstand the harshest conditions in commercial and institutional buildings gives real value for money in homes as well.
Adjusting the water flow and its temperature are easily done with two lever handles that contain clearly visible hot and cold indicators.
The other features of this faucet are:
  • The spout had a 6-1/2-Inch reach and is 6-Inch tall, while the entire faucet is 8-5/8-Inch wide.
  • They’re built for constant use, and occasional misuse.
  • Moen’s M-DURA Collection is built to last and has low maintenance costs.
  • Easy Water Adjustments with Color-Coded Indicators
  • Vandal-Resistant Design –The stylish chrome finish given to solid cast brass utility faucet, kind of merges with different decors. It is provided with vandal-resistant torque screws that prevents tampering and theft.
  • ADA-Compliant Handles  — This commercial kitchen faucet has lever handles that comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications for the physically challenged.


The innovative design of the faucet make it easy to mount for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.
This faucet is a 2- or 3-hole mount type with 4-inch centerset for flexible installation options


This faucet has a Limited Warranted against material or manufacturing defects for Five-Years.

Technical Specifications

Check out the Technical specifications

My Second-Best choice of commercial kitchen faucet

Kraus KPF-1602 Commercial Kitchen Faucet

commercial kitchen faucet kraus

This commercial-style faucet has a dramatic look with contemporary appeal.
Intense Industrial-Style Design
This Kraus commercial faucet has a high-arch oil type spout that is industrial yet aesthetic because of its Robust construction and an efficient profile.

Spout and spray head

This Kraus commercial faucet comprises of a  spout that is at a comfortable height and flexible pull-down sprayer.
The faucet has a high-arch that comprises of an industrial-style open-coil spout which swivels 360° and ensures that you have access to every area of the sink.
Effortless temperature and flow control is obtained by a slim single-lever handle.
The spray head is two function type. One can instantly switch from spout to powerful pre-rinse spray because of the integrated diverter that has been provided.
When the lever handle on the spray head is pressed the flow of water is diverted from the main spout to the spray
kraus spout an spray
The rubber nozzles in the ergonomic pull-down sprayer helps prevent hard water and lime scale buildup.
The water flow rate is 1.8 gpm.
The Faucet Height is 29″-32″ and the Spout Height is 11.5″.
Superior Quality Parts
The Kerox ceramic cartridge technology of this faucet ensures over half a million operations of drip-free use.
The use of efficient functioning/ low-flow Neoperl aerator has made it possible to lower water waste without reduction in water pressure.
It has a certified lead-free brass construction for reliable drip-free use.
There is choice of having either a perfect Industrial grade Stainless Steel or Chrome finish

Simple Installation

Since this faucet is a single-hole mounted type you can easily install this faucet. All mounting hardware is included with purchase, so that makes installation a breeze.

Technical Specifications

Check out the Technical specifications

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  1. very interesting information. you’ve found a very good niche with not a lot of coverage, and appliances like this are something you definitely do not want to blindly buy, but information and reviews on such products can be hard to find online! this site is a good resource of information

  2. I am seeing more and more kitchens that have the “Industrial” look. Especially kitchens in high end lofts. The commercial faucets with sprayers are really quite practical for people that have a “Natural Kitchen”. What I mean by a natural kitchen is that the kitchen is set up for folks that eat organic and health food.


    1. Hi Ramona,

      That’s why I  have said in my opening paragraph that “Commercial faucets in residential homes are here to stay.”

      Thanks for your comments.

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