Kitchen Faucets With Sprayer

Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer
Some Amazing facts you need to Know about Kitchen Faucets with Sprayer.
What do we need to look for while selecting one?
The Faucet is one of the most important features in the kitchen to perform a basic function.
While selecting kitchen faucets, Quality as well as aesthetics are important.
They should keep with the trends and have contemporary looks.
“Which is better – Single handle or a double handle faucet-?”
This is one of the first thoughts that would be running through your mind, when you decide to replace one or more of your faucets.

Single Handle Faucets

In a single-handle faucet the regulation of flow of water and temperature control are achieved by moving the handle up-down and right-left.


A single hole in the sink or counter-top is required to install this faucet.
As for aesthetics, there is a large range of attractive single-handle faucets to spruce up your kitchen.

Avola single lever Kitchen faucet


These are really convenient to use but temperature control is not as easily done as with two handle faucet, especially over a period of time.
A lot of people never get to master the art of adjusting the Single handle, up-down and right-left, so as to achieve the desired flow rate and the right temperature of the water.
Once a single handle faucet starts to leak, it is essential that both the hot water and cold water valves located beneath the sink have to be shut off until the faucet is repaired or replaced.

Double Handle Faucets

These faucets have two handles or levers, one for hot water and the other for cold water. These are usually three holes installation types.


Individual handles for hot and cold allows for precise temperature adjustments.
There are plenty of choices available in this category too.
We have the added advantage of being able to use the faucet, even if one of the handles becomes faulty.
The possibility of getting accidental scalded with hot water is greatly reduced as both handles, hot and cold are well marked out.
Peerless double handle Kitchen faucet


Installing a double handle faucet is more complicated.
Since there two handle the chances of leaks occurring is doubled.
It is not convenient to adjust two handles when hand is either dirty or not free.


Finally, I feel that that single-handle faucets and Double-Handle Faucets come with their own pros and cons and it comes down to your preference and and the intended purpose of use.

Clearance to Backsplash

Be warned before buying a single or double handle that control the temperature by rotating back. You have it installed and it looks great. Then you turn it on…and find out that the handle hits your backsplash before it’s fully extended. Backsplash is the tiled wall that is behind the faucet that spills and splashes of water falls on.

So before buying and installing such a faucet check the product specifications to see if there is a minimum recommended clearance to backsplash.

Make sure the space between your backsplash and the handle (s) is sufficient for free and full movement or select a faucet whose handle(s) have only forward motion to operate.

Touchless and Touch to operate kitchen faucet

If your hands are dirty and you do not want the faucet to get dirty, then what kind of faucet is needed?
There are two types of faucets which can solve the problem

  • Touchless Kitchen faucet
  • Touch to operate kitchen faucet

Touchless Kitchen faucet

With a simple wave of hand or some objects like utensil, pan etc. around the strategically placed sensors the flow of water can be started or stopped.
Sensors on a Kitchen Faucet
There are two sensors, one on top of the faucet and one on the underside of the spout.
These are located in a manner that they not only provides reliable operation every time but prevents false activation when you’re working around the faucet area.


No direct contact with the faucet means the faucet is bacteria free and relatively cleaner. They are great for people with arthritic hands.
Children who rush in with dirty hands to wash will not soil the faucet.
These shut off automatically and help conserve water.
Moen touchless kitchen faucet


The regulation of temperature of the water and the flow of water has to be done manually using the single handle.
However, the lever can be it can be adjusted for a particular level of water flow and temperature before hand and operated as a touchless faucet.
This is a battery operated kitchen faucets which need to be replaced every two years.

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Touch to operate kitchen faucet

There is a range of touch- to- operate kitchen that work perfectly when it is just touched by elbow, hand, wrist or forearm.
The flow and temperature of water should be set by a single lever before hand. The faucet remains clean as direct contact of dirty hands are avoided.
The touch operation is possible because of sensors. To facilitate this operation the sensors require batteries. These batteries have to be changed periodically say once in two years


  • The faucet remains clean as direct contact of dirty hands are avoided
  • Low Battery Indicator – A LED light will notify you when it’s time to change the batteries, so you can always have a functional faucet.
  • Long Lasting Batteries – This faucet uses 6 AA batteries at a time. However, a set of batteries will last for as long as two whole years.


  • Touch kitchen faucets do require batteries to operate successfully. These battery packs need to be changed out over time, so you’ll always need to have some on hand if you want to use the touch-activated feature.
  • It’s not surprising that people would be concerned about cleaning the faucet. If you turn on the water by touching the faucet, then how on earth are you supposed to clean it without the water switching off and on the whole time?
    Actually this not a problem. In some touch faucets a touch that lasts milliseconds will activate the flow while a grip, push or prolonged contact will not. The touch faucet will only turn on or off it you touch it briefly.
    While in other touch faucets there is a method to temporarily switch off the faucet
  • Electricity makes Touch Faucets Dangerous – is a misconception as the total operating voltage is 9 Volts, which is not dangerous at all.
  • Also, there’s no way to adjust for temperature or water flow through the touch technology — this has to be done manually. Since the faucet handle controls the water’s on and off switch as well as flow and temperature, adjusting to hot and cold without turning off the water completely can take some time to get used to.

Delta touch 2O Kitchen faucet

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I personally prefer the Touchless type though is is priced higher than the Touch type.

There is no contact with the faucet except for the initial setting of flow of water and temperature. In the long run this keeps the faucet still looking new and of course bacteria free.

Faucets mounting styles

Sink-mounted faucets

There are many sink designs and the faucets may not always be compatible.
Check how many mounting holes the existing sink has. Faucets come in one-hole, two-hole, three-hole or four-hole variety.
However, this should not pose a problem as you can use a faucet that comes with an escutcheon plate to cover up the extra sink holes.
Sink-Mounted kitchen faucet
This is a good option if you want a quick faucet replacement to the existing sink, but it may limit the options of style.

Counter-top Mounted Faucets

These are faucet mounts directly to the counter top and not to the sink.
Make sure that there is more than a finger’s width behind the faucet for cleaning.
This is a good option if the kitchen is slightly large.
Delta faucet cassidy Countertop Mounted
However, you may find an accumulation of water, dirt and grime between the faucet and the wall.
This type of mounting means the area designated for the kitchen sink and faucet should be more.

Kitchen Faucets with Sprayer should have high arc

While filling large pots, one does not have to move the utensil to to the work area of the sink. The sprayer can be moved around.
High arcs faucets that are 8-10 inches above the sink with pull down sprayer facilitate this.
High Arc kitchen faucet

Spray and Spout

There types of spray available are shown below, Some of the Kitchen faucets have all 3 sprays while all 3 sprays may not be available on other Kitchen faucets.

Kohler Aerated spray
Aerated Spray is ideal for filling pots
Kohler s Sweep spray
The wide, forceful blade of water created by the Sweep spray is very useful for cleaning.
Kohler Berry Soft Spray
The light Soft spray is is for washing fruits and vegetables.

The spout should swivel as close to the center of the sink as possible
Magnetic docking of the sprayer is preferred as opposed to docking which relies on a weight attached to the hose internally to cinch the sprayer.

Feel and Finish

The overall feel of a kitchen faucet is gauged by the overall mechanism for smooth motion when turning on and off. Operating smoothly especially over time is the hallmark of a quality.
Finish is an important aspect, it may be spot resistant steel, Vibrant steel finish, Chrome or bronze finish. Read more on finishes.
PVD (physical Vapor deposition) finishes ensures longevity especially in the environment of products used to overcome hard water, chlorination etc.

Water Conservation

In the quest for the best, with water conservation in mind, the flow of water shall not be more than 2.5 gallons/min.

The sprayer can be pull out, pull down or coiled (commercial) type .

Pull-Down kitchen faucets with sprayer
Kitchen Faucets with Pull down sprayer
pull out kitchen faucets with sprayer
Kitchen Faucet with Pull-out sprayer
Coiled Type kitchen faucets with sprayer
Kitchen Faucet Coiled Type sprayer

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Wall-mounted faucets

Peeerless two handle wall mounted faucet

The distance the water spout projects and the type of sink will determine whether the two will be compatible. Cleaning the counter is easy and the plumbing should be exactly done so that it is in the correct place over the sink.

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  1. Hiya,

    I am looking for a kitchen faucet and came across your post.

    I especially like the pros and cons you gave regarding single handle faucet vs double handle.

    I’m debating between the two but think I’ve now made up my mind. The only thing I considered previously was the fact that you have to find the right balance – between temperature and pressure when using the single handle.

    After you pointed out that one has to close both hot and cold water valves in case of emergency, I think I’ve made up my mind.

    Thanks for that!

    1. You are very welcome Joe – Glad to know that you have been able to make up your mind after going through this site. Best of luck friend.

  2. Hi there,
    Many thanks for this awesome post and you have given us a great selection from which to choose from.
    The faucets that you have featured here on this review look super cool, stylish and attractive.
    I guess either faucet would make a great choice, but my favorite has to be the ‘touch to operate kitchen faucet
    I say this from a man’s perspective and no doubt a woman may have a different view on this. To be able to approach the faucet and just touch it to turn it on is awesome.
    The technology is becoming more and more important in today’s world and I guess everything comes down to convenience also.
    Thanks again for the great review,
    Continued success
    Cheers phil Browne.

    1. Thanks Phil,

      Appreciate your comments. Your choice of  touch to operate kitchen faucet ‘ is great.

      However I prefer the ‘Touchless kitchen faucet‘ that operates with just a wave of the hand or an object like pan.

      Success to you in all your endeavors.

  3. Hello Anand,

    I was looking for home improvements and as you stated, the faucet is very important for a kitchen. I’m not looking for something out of this world, but definitely something that meets the standard in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

    Thanks for the detailed information on both single and double handle faucets. It definitely helped me eliminate some of the ones I previously considered.


    1. Hell Eric Chen,

      Glad to know that the information on the site could help you in deciding what faucet you would eventually buy.

      Appreciate your comments,


  4. Great review and very informative! I have been wanting to put a new faucet in my kitchen for a long time now and you’ve made it much easier for me to decide which one to purchase. I love the faucets that have the spray hose built in as my separate hose has been broken for years! I know I would definitely prefer the two-handle hot/cold as that is what I’ve always used and doubt I could ever get used to it differently! Does it take a professional to install a faucet or can that be a DIY project?

    1. Glad to know that the info on my website has been helpful to you.

      If you are reasonably familiar with plumbing aspects go in for the DIY or else engage a professional.

  5. When we upgraded our kitchen faucet, I decided that I wanted a single handle for the sole purpose of not having to mess with two handles. It has a pull down sprayer and I love it. I even installed it myself! This is a great article, very informative!

    1. Hi Rae,
      Wish you had seen my site before you upgraded your kitchen faucet.
      In case anyone of your family or friends are in the process of upgrading their kitchen faucets,
      you could guide them to this Page or to these posts on the website, which could interest you too

      Greatly appreciate your comments.

  6. A very good.informative page about kitchen faucets. I will keep this in my mind while designing the kitchen for my new home. Thank you for the information given.

  7. M Anand Kumar,

    I wish I would have run across your post a few weeks ago. I never knew there was so much to consider when buying a faucet. I have been the type of person to buy what was pleasing to my eye. I recently found out differently. I just recently replaced the faucets in my kitchen and bathrooms. The ones in the bathroom where similar to the ones already in there so there where no problems there. The Kitchen is where we had our problems, we didn’t know we should’ve measured the distance to the back splash. The original was a single handled faucet and we moved to double handed which didn’t work, as per your post we could not get full rotation. So we went back to a single handled faucet.
    You have great information here that everyone should read prior to buying a faucet you really love that you may not be able to use.


    1. Hi Monica,

      Thanks for the great comment.

      I will greatly appreciate if you tell your folks and friends about this website, so that they could make an informed purchase.

  8. What a great article on kitchen faucets. I didn’t know touchless kitchen faucets exist so I am really happy I came across your article to get to know about them. I will definitely get one and I had a look at your article about the best touchless kitchen faucets. I noticed that Moen Arbor Motionsense Touchless One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet is now discounted so just the right time to get it 🙂 Is there an option to disable the sensor? I sometimes like to season meat in the sink so it wouldn’t be good if the water started to run suddenly.

    1. Hi Arta,

      The Moen Arbor Touchless cannot be stopped temporarily unless the batteries are removed.

      However the sensors are located in a manner that they not only provide reliable operation every time but prevents false activation when you’re working around the faucet area.

      This means that you have to wave your hand or some object like pan etc across around the strategically placed window of active area of the sensor, one of which is from the underside of the spout to about six inches from the base and the other is on top.

      Some models like pfister-single-handle-kitchen-faucet has a method of disabling and enabling touchless operation.

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